We fix both PC's and Macs

Server Setup & Repair





New Servers

We will work with you to determind the best system configuration for your needs. Our background is corporate IT, so we know how to work within a budget and keep your costs manageable. We recommend Dell servers because they are well built and well supported.

Server Upgrades

There are many times that a server can be refreshed with some more memory and an operating system upgrade. This can be a complicated process, so you want MCSE certified technicians who know what they are doing. Turns out, that's us!

Data Backup

There's a lot of ways to backup you data. It's scary how many companies aren't. Let's figure out your data security needs and make sure that a disaster doesn't shut you down.

Server Applications

We have worked with many vendors to perform software roll-outs and we can help with yours. Our corporate IT background give us the experience to avoid problems and get your new business software working smoothly.

Get a pro, not a geek.

Sure, you can call a geek who recently graduated from a tech school, but why should you pay while he guesses?

We have been working in the computer industry for over 25 years. We don’t guess, we know. Call us. We’re fast, we’re friendly and we get the job done right. The first time. 760-477-5954

Computer Repair
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Network repair and network setup
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Server repair, server setup and server maintenance
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